European Association of Teaching Academic Writing


What is EATAW?


EATAW is a scholarly forum which seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe.

EATAW membership[nbsp]is free, and EATAW is open to individuals from all over the world, not only from Europe.


EATAW's main aims include:


  • Connecting teachers and scholars of academic writing through conferences and other means
  • Raising awareness of the importance of teaching academic writing
  • Developing European scholarship in academic writing
  • Initiating projects to exchange experience and know-how about academic writing teaching
  • The organisation currently has some 600 members.


For an impression of our work please have a look at this video about EATAW.




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EATAW Reading List


You find a collection of books, articles and web sources on teaching academic writing here.

EATAW 2017 will take place in London

We are looking forward to your proposals for different formats: paper presentations, symposia, workshops or poster presentations.




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