EATAW Conference 2015

Hosts for the 8th Biennial EATAW Conference 2015: Tallinn University of Technology 

Following the Budapest conference, there has been unprecedented interest in hosting the 2015 conference and the EATAW Board considered four bids from Portugal, France, Romania and Estonia. Each had its merits, and the decision was a difficult one, but in the end the Board decided firmly in favour Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia as the venue for the 2015 conference. It will be the first time that an EATAW conference has been held in north-eastern Europe, and will, we hope, make EATAW more accessible to writing teachers in Estonia, Finland, Russia and the other Baltic States. We also believe that Tallinn will be an exciting and attractive venue for EATAW members from other countries, and we look forward to seeing you there in 2015. Watch this space for more details!

With best wishes,

Kärt Rummel, Co-Chair of the Conference, Tallinn University of Technology 

John Harbord, Deputy Chair for the Conference, EATAW Board