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Call for bids to host EATAW 2017


Dear Colleagues,


The EATAW Board would like to invite bids from institutions that wish to host the 9th Biennial EATAW conference in the second half of June 2017. The Board will provide guidance and advice to the host as requested, based on their past experience, including guidance on wording of webpages and other texts, and the administration of the EATAW general meeting and elections. The Board will provide assistance in evaluating abstracts submitted and chairing conference sessions. Members of the Board may by agreement assist with opening and closing speeches or introduction of keynote speakers. All other management duties are the responsibility of the host.


Bids should include the following information:


  • an indication of the proposed concept of the conference, including suggestions for themes which align with the EATAW mission.
  • reasons why the location/institution is suitable for the EATAW conference, including the involvement of the institution or its members in academic writing
  • indication of the support of the administration of the institution for the bid description of the facilities/staffing provided by the institution that will make the conference possible
  • the number of participants the institution can host (for comparison, recent conferences have been around 260 to 310 participants)
  • an indication of adequate infrastructure (number and size of available rooms, available technical facilities), accessibility and attractiveness of the location in itself
  • an indication of type, range and cost of accommodation available and approximate distance from accommodation to the conference location
  • an preliminary budget including anticipated expenses and the conference fee (recent conferences have been around 160-190 euros - the aim is to keep the fee low but without incurring a financial loss. Most past hosts have offered concessionary fees for students or those who register early, but this is at the discretion of the host)
  • any other relevant supporting information.


The institution will be financially responsible for the conference and cannot be compensated for financial losses. At the same time, EATAW expects that the host institution will not seek to make a profit at the expense of participants. Past hosts of conferences that have made a profit have donated part of this to EATAW to be used as scholarship for members in need, but this remains at the discretion of the host. Management of any scholarships that are offered will be the responsibility of the EATAW Board.


Bids should be submitted by e-mail to John Harbord by Friday 31 January 2016, and should not exceed four pages.


With best wishes,





EATAW Conference 2015

Academic Writing in Multiple Scholarly, Socio-Cultural, Instructional and Disciplinary Contexts: Challenges and Perspectives

Tallinn University of Technology, 15–17 June


We hope all conference delegates have enjoyed safe travel home and that you are finding time for the reflection and personal writing events a great conference calls for!


We would like to extend our gratitude first of all to the organising institution and to Dr Kärt Rummel. The conference worked really well. The keynotes were rewarding and generated a lot of ideas and discussion among the delegates. The sessions, workshops, symposia were well-scheduled, making choosing somewhat easier. (We find that is often the most challenging task at EATAW conferences – choosing what to attend!). Thank you also for arranging a conference dinner in a castle!


Yet, you – the members and delegates – make the conference. Thank you all for bringing your work to Tallinn and sharing it with us!


As usual, presenters will be offered at least one publication channel for their papers should they be interested in pursuing a publication. The JoAW editor Dr. Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams and the conference chair Dr. Kärt Rummel will be communicating these options via the EATAW-list shortly.


Do enjoy summer everyone!


Yours the EATAW board